So, this week was pretty intense. I really have no idea where to begin.

I guess first off I really had no idea just how long minstrel shows went on for.

I know these blogs should have a level of professionalism so I REALLY shouldn’t swear but I’m really just so ******* repulsed at America’s complete and utter dehumanization of black people.

I still really have no idea exactly what to talk about in this blog. I think I’m just angry, mainly. My previous blogs have been pretty long but this one may be a bit short. And repetitive. My mind is moving but I can’t seem to get my hands to.

A lot of the pictures we looked at in class made me sick. I’ve learned about blackface before but just seeing so many more examples and how long its been going on just UGH. And seeing just how many big “Hollywood stars” partook… Judy Garland.. and even recently Robert Downey Jr. I don’t know. Im still avoiding the urge to swear.

I’m glad a lot of people spoke up about this topic, and how sickening it is that there are still some people that exist that see nothing wrong with minstrel shows. I wish I would have spoken up in class and that I had more to say for this week.

WEEK 4 & 5

WEEK 4 & 5

Ok so I’m combining a few weeks here, I think. I try to take notes in class to be able to have more to say here, but my ADD really has me drawing on my paper instead. (I pay attention, I promise. I just need my hands to constantly move.)

Anyways, I believe week 5 was the week he showed us GarageBand. Im pretty mad at myself because the DAY before our very first class started I was deleting things of my computer to free space and though “Hm, whats something I’ll never use? Garage Band!” I was wrong.

Professor O’ Malley showed us just a few things in garage band but I’m already honestly excited to use it. I feel like I definitely had a general idea that its incredibly intricate since a lot of artists use it, but seeing it in action really just intensified my interest.

Aside from realizing it was pretty darn cool, we talked about some stuff I never even thought about. I think he mentioned that he downloaded some presets from someone who he later found out was extremely affected by a hurricane, and was using the money to help himself out. It’s so crazy that we can just download things and never even THINK about the person behind the creation? I don’t know. It almost made me sad to think about.

WEEK 2 & 3

WEEK 2 & 3

Ok so last week we didn’t have class, (so I guess this is technically week 3?) which gave me a chance to catch up on the reading assignments. One thing I forgot to mention in my week 1 blog was that I actually rather enjoy that we get to use blogging to express our thoughts.

I think while yes I do have an underlying fear of “Oh gosh, are my blogs going to sound smart enough?” I really enjoy this set up because its always been pretty hard for me to speak up in class. So yes yay for blogs.

On to this week though!

One part I found really interesting was the “medium is the message” conversation that was briefly touched on. I guess that means that, what you’re using to communicate with someone is more important than the message itself? Or it speaks for it in a way. Im not sure if thats right. So, email or text vs a phone call. A phone call you’re probably communicating a lot more information than if you just send one text. But some people are much more comfortable through messaging? I don’t know. Im planning on researching this a bit more, my thoughts are a bit jumbled right now. I don’t know if this is even an example but sometimes friends that I have that primarily communicate through text happen to call me or even video call me I think about THAT instead of what they actually are saying to me. Like “oH? you’re calling me, maybe you have something more personal to say?” I’ve even asked “are you ok?” to friends before that have called me. Sometimes they just say they decided to call instead and didn’t even really think about why, but the discussion in class just made me think of this. I don’t know, I told you my thoughts are jumbled.



So to start off- I’m uploading all of my blogs on the same day (probably not the best idea) but, alas, here I am. So since I’m going back and rereading these before posting I realized I actually wanted to go back and change some things as class went on and I started understanding them better but I think that really would just defeat the purpose of these blogs?? Anyways heres my thoughts from week 1.

I didn’t expect to learn much from the first week of class considering its syllabus week and people are probably still adding and dropping classes.

However, our Professor hit us with one question I’ve heard at various points of my life, “does my generation have bad taste in music.”  My initial response was “oh man am I in the right class” (and upon realizing, yes, I am) my response was “no, I don’t think we have bad taste.”

I mainly responded this way because so many people in my generation (like myself) listen to all sorts of music. Some friends of mine don’t even listen to anything thats “current.” Then I thought ok, does my generation PRODUCE, bad music. Which we also covered in class. And I think yea, I could agree that my generation produces some pretty rehashed versions of already lazily produced stuff. But, we like it. Were used to it. I don’t think or know really if thats a bad thing.

I have a lot of questions and a lot of confused rumbling around in my brain but this class seems to be pretty dang interesting and I look forward to seeing where it goes.


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